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That simple rule works for me. You'll be disciplined and have no other options but to make whatever you purchase productive. Hi Rachael, Just throwing in my two cents to say that we use YoYotta for LTO backups to a single drive and it's been a good experience, worth every penny we paid for it and it wasn't very many pennies when compared to the cost of the rest of our system!

Thanks, Jeff Schaap. LTFS is becoming the gold standard because it's non-proprietary. The only real incompatibility issue I've seen is illegal characters between MAC and Windows, which the free software won't handle for you, but the premium software packages do. YoYotta and PreRollPost are both great options for LTFS, and if you end up switching to one or the other for some reason, you can still use your tapes.

If all else fails down the road switching your mind about software packages, you can always fall back on the free software to read your LTFS tapes. I've seen cases where people load content onto LTFS tapes and ship them somewhere else, and this frees up the need for the person n the other end to buy into the software you're using.

Tim Gerhard Magnext x tgerhard magnext. I'm just perusing some of the options now BRU looks interesting - reading the white paper am I correct to assume that file integrity is it's main advantage over LTFS, ie avoiding bitrot and that it is an off the shelf solution for this? I don't think i'll be using it tomorrow but i'll be bookmarking it for future consideration. This too looks useful, but does it do anything like file integrity handling like BRU does or is that considered not it's purpose? Meant to last long enough until I can upgrade to better solutions for older projects like those i'm trying to insure don't experience any more bit rot.

If a solution costs so much I can't afford it until after "another hard drive crashes" it does me no good - so it's more about understanding what I can do now, and what I should ideally do later, and not painting myself into the corner with the first solution somehow because the original solution at least works properly - even if it is not the most convenient, ideally time saving, or similar. Ie the minor hassle of "breaking projects into 2.

Another issue is interacting with outside parties.

How to Backup Clone Mac Hard Disk to SSD Drive (Disk Utility)

Mailing people an LTO tape using LTFS is something I can often expect people on the other side to handle, they may or may not have the same backup software I do and i'm not necessarily going to buy it for them. Basically it sounds like the two main differences between 'free' backup software and 'real' backup software is either data integrity OR easier librarian duties managing old versions and offline media archives, and the software either does one or the other. Responding to things out of order. I'm still in college, much of what I do is on a shoestring.

The Ultimate Triple Backup Solution For Your Mac [Mac OSX]

There is not enough side paying work to justify the level of investment most other people are making in their projects - a few hundred dollars is still alot of money. My main observation is that LTFS seems to almost do a better job for free by maintaining cross platform compatibility and near line access to files that i'm trying to understand why I would want to lock away files in a proprietary format?

If I were a production house clearing a third of a petabyte per year in offline media archives that seems like a completely different use case.

Open Source Data Protection

As to technical support on HP's software I don't know anything about it, I was just planning on using straight LTFS which is already more reliable than the straight mirroring to USB backup drives i've been doing for years because i've had bit rot and file corruption sometimes occur. The main advantage I would see in backup systems designed for petabyte level storage is probably keeping track of easy to lose files but I already have a system for that which I use with external USB drives.

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Most answers I can see coming from a backup company I would imagine to involve "well if it didn't work then your tape was corrupt" and other than straight three way mirroring keeping one offsite, like I assume they aren't going to be able to do much for me anyways. The tape is going to read in the hardware - or it's not. If that data is further locked away in some proprietary format - that helps me even less than if I can boot it onto any system.


If you help me with this for free, I will pay time for time for something else I know about. Asking for best practices advice is not the same as volunteering hundreds of hours for an editing project. Hi Rachael - OMG! I know that you feel that I am attacking you with my response, and I fully appreciate that you are a very VERY ambitious student more than most professionals I know - but I have to respond. You do not need LTO for your project.

It is fantastic that you want to learn about LTO, and that you are becoming aware of the different types of LTO archive solutions on the market.

mTape LTO-7 Tape Drive Thunderbolt Solution

But this is not your financial responsibility, and no offense, but your school project is not that critical that it requires LTO archive. Ask a question.

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Question: Q: Question: Q: tape backup for cold storage? Is tape still the best way to make that happen? If so, I'd appreciate some recommendations on which devices you think would work best If not, same thing- would appreciate some suggestions as well. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Define cold storage.

Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Jun 29, AM in response to David Bogie Chq-1 In response to David Bogie Chq-1 my last experience with tape is the old dat drives from the 90's - so i honestly don't know what format.

Canister for macOS: the lingua-franca of LTO tape-drive data storage

User profile for user: TomWheel TomWheel. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. User profile for user: BenB BenB. Overview mTape 7 The world's first Thunderbolt LTO-7 tape drive supporting LTFS drag and drop backup and archiving as well as support for industry leading backup and archive software from manufacturers. Featuring two 20Gb Thunderbolt ports, mTape supports daisy-chaining of up to six Thunderbolt peripherals to a single host.

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  5. In additional mTape features a 4-port 6Gb SAS expansion connector enabling additional tape drives or SAS devices to be connected to workstations or laptops over the same Thunderbolt connection.