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Overview of Delegates and Sharing Permission Levels If your manager has granted you delegate access, you have the ability to act "on behalf of" him or her. Depending on exactly how By marking a calendar item appointment, meeting, or event as Private, you hide the details of the item from people who have permission to view your calendar. Users of Outlook for Mac are not seeing what they're supposed to see.

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Color Categories. The following link will take you to a Microsoft help page: Assign a Color Category in Outlook for Mac But before you go, here's some additional information you may find Create Appointments, Meetings, or Events.

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The following link will take you to a Microsoft help page: Create a meeting or appointment in Outlook for Mac But before you go, here's some additional information These things are easy: Sharing your calendar Sharing your mail folders Viewing a shared calendar Viewing shared mail folders But higher levels of Permission Levels. When sharing a mail folder or your calendar, you can choose what level of access to grant. Here's a list of the permission levels available in Outlook for Mac, listed from least access to Respond to Meeting Invitations.

Rules for Meeting Invitations Outlook for Mac.

iCloud and Outlook Problems: Syncing Calendar

This procedure explains how the owner of a Share Your Calendar. By default, everyone who has a Cornell Exchange account has limited access to your calendar.

As they create a meeting invitation, they will be able to see on the Scheduling Assistant tab whether View Resource Accounts in Outlook for Mac. This set of steps will make a Resource Account EGA, Room account, or Equipment account mailbox and calendar available to you automatically, every time you use Outlook. Alternatively, right-click on your calendar and then click "Properties," or click "Calendar Properties" in the Properties group of the Folder ribbon, and then click on the "Permissions" tab.

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If Calendar Permissions is unavailable, you may be trying to access permissions for an Internet calendar. Although you can modify most Internet calendars, calendar permissions are not supported. To determine if your calendar is an Internet calendar, click the "File" menu, "Account Settings" and then click "Account Settings. Click "Change" to modify one of your calendar's subscription settings or click "Remove" to delete your connected Internet calendar. To email your calendar, click "Calendar. Select "Whole Calendar" to share your entire calendar.

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Click the "Details" drop-down and then select a level of detail. Choose "Full Details" to include all details, including description, subject, location and date. If you only want to share your availability, select "Availability Only.

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Skip to main content. Digital Vision. Outlook Calendars If you're connected to Outlook with your Microsoft Exchange Server account or Office account, you should be able to access your calendar permissions via your calendar's Properties dialog.

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