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District Court. Yun had advertised the machine gun and other weapons for sale May 12 on armslist. A Torrance police sergeant notified the ATF, which answered the ad, exchanging text messages, asking questions about what was for sale, receiving more than 40 photographs of the merchandise and negotiating the prices. They arranged to meet Wednesday in the block of The Esplanade.

Ingram M10 & M11 SMGs: The Originals from Powder Springs

According to the affidavit, Yun was sitting on a stoop when the undercover officer pulled up. They parked their cars nearby.


Yun removed an AK rifle from a blue-and-white bag, racked the slide and showed it was in good working order. He said he had purchased it in Texas. He displayed the Sig Sauer pistol and pulled out magazines for it, the records show. When sections of destroyed machinegun receivers are used to build a dummy gun and the severed sections welded back together, the dummy gun receiver must be at least one 1 inch shorter than the original machinegun receiver.

The bolt, if present, must be welded to the receiver in the closed position. The breech of the barrel must be welded closed and an obstruction welded into the barrel. Thus if the gun can't fire or operate, it isn't technically a machine gun in their eyes and is legal for ownership — but as always check the local laws.

Mac 10 price

For example, dummy guns are still legal in California, but these require an orange plug at the end and the size of the magazine is restricted, while New York City has cracked down and banned anything that looks like a gun — including all toy guns. But if you can own these, the dummy guns make a good way of filing a hole in your collection.

Alex Cranmer, vice president of International Military Antiques ima-usa. What I like to say is that we're selling Model T Fords with solid engine blocks. That's the difference between replica guns and a display gun. The display is 90 percent original parts. One thing to keep in mind however is how the conversion was done.

ATF can confirm if a firearm meets the criteria, but it will need to actually see the example.

MasterPiece Arms MAC 11 9MM 30RD Magazine

While this might seem fairly complex, the best advice is to purchase any non-guns from a specialized and reputable dealer, rather than from an individual at a militaria show or online, unless you are certain the item meets the aforementioned standards. As previously mentioned you should check for local laws, and be sure to ask any sellers if they are familiar with the National Firearms Act or Gun Control Act.

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In those cases it is best to walk away from any potential transaction. Alternatively some collectors opt to go a bit to rely on a modern-made display copies, and these similar to non-guns, except in that none of the parts are real, but from any distance they look good.

However, the days of non-guns maybe coming to an end, at least in terms of availability. In a ban was been placed on the importation of these parts kits. So get those machine guns anyway you can, and while you can.

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