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So i thought that maybe steam needs keyring activated as well to store the credentials and i opened it before logging in steam. No wonder steam linux market-share is at 0. Had to do re-login this morning, few hours later I relaunched the client and it asked for login details again.

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Pretty obvious that something introduced in the last update is causing this, revert it already ffs! Frequently requires re-logins and affects the language settings. As an addition to the main bug report: For me the language used in the client after logging in again the first time after the last Steam session with the correct language setting in my case: German is still this previously selected one but in the settings it is set to "English Englisch " which then is applied when I shut down Steam and start it again. I hope this bug is fixed soon, already unsuccessfully reinstalled Steam and only kept the config and the steamapps folders.

Really not a pleasure to use it this way! Edit: Apart from the time-span it requires for the login to "time-out" the issue seems to target the same problem. In the meantime I hit this issue on every boot on my Arch installation. It wouldn't be that bad but the two factor authorization is double annoying. Same problem on Arch x64 here. Every N reboot, Steam doesn't remember that I'm logged in, deletes my settings and my skin. I had the same issue since several months, Steam client resets to english instead of french for me and forgets credentials.

I tried every solutions so far, provided on this GitHub or on Steam community forums. Tried everything. Only one thing worked, and since 5 days I never met this issue again:. You can login and change your language before or after tweaking these settings, looks like it doesn't matter, but if one way doesn't work try the other one. I always uncheck these options because I never use them, but since I enabled them again everything works as intended. Seems to work for other people with the same issue. I'm on Steam Beta by the way, didn't try with the stable client.

I had indeed disabled in-home streaming and family sharing too. Will see if this workaround works.

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That's more than the xorg client itself. I've had this for about a month and it's ridiculous that such annoying problem has not been fixed. I know it's not a support forum but I want to let the developers know that there are many who face this bug. I'm on Ubuntu Mate My registry. Same issue for me. You can bypass it by hardcoding the username and password if you're willing to do so:. Sraw maybe try this to solve the issue: comment.

Ishidres You have luck, I have nothing : It just doesn't work. Ishidres exactly. It might because I am using the steam guard? Congratulations everyone. After the latest update this method, which I mentioned above, doesn't seem to work anymore, too. Feels like valve actually tries to force Linux users to manually login on purpose Easy everyone.

Bug that lasted that long likely have multiple places that need fixing. This was probably just one place that needed fixing. Oddly it has not affected me for quite a while, and as mentioned by many the problem seems very sporadic and random. I agree.

How To Change Your Password On Steam 2017 - Steam Change Password Tutorial

Bugs like this can be very hard to fix. We should be grateful they are at least trying to solve the issue. It looks like that if you upgrade to the latest beta version. And then reboot your computer. It will work. Well, at least on my computer. I see. This starts happening again after there's an update and Steam updates itself. If there are no updates, Steam can auto-login just fine, until the next update that is. In which case I'll have to delete registry. I don't have to do this again with the latest update but I had to with the update before it , so I guess it has been fixed on my end.

Try to also delete registry. Also happens to me after the todays updane and even chmod -w registry. The problem is that Steam tries to move any existing registry. As a workaround for the auto-login, you must both make the registry. However, you must re-enable both when you want to change settings eg. Thanks Ziktofel that actually did it.

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Then I set the directory and registry. Ziktofel but why are they trying to make life harder for people? Since this is essentially the issue I'm having, I'll document my experience here. With my system refusing to accept input, I'm forced to reboot. Each time this event occurs, I need to relogin to Steam because it forgets my credentials. I don't want to blame any software until I have some clues as to why this happens.

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The specificity of my issue has made finding any similar cases nigh impossible. Hopefully someone here can share their experience of this issue. Hopefully someone here can share their experience. All of my components are brand new e.

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This happened before I started overclocking, so that is unrelated as well. The issue occurs immediately on or before login. It doesn't occur after having been booted up successfully. You're probably right that this isn't directly related to others' issues here; but when my system locks up, it'd be nice for Steam not to corrupt its registry. My point being, it shouldn't happen ever ideally.

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I just logged in again and made the registry. I'll edit this to inform whether it happens again. The Infractions Forum is available for public view. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Steam Password Requirements Question.

Thread starter Qwa'ha Xahn Start date May 11, So I got an email of an access code from Steam that I didn't ask for.