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Die Formatierungs-Tasten oder der Emoji-Picker zeigen es wohl am offensichtlichsten: Das proaktive System bietet aber noch mehr Intelligenz: Um Strom zu sparen, dunkelt sich die Touch Bar bei Nichtbenutzung des Computers nach einer Minute automatisch leicht ab. Bei ersterem liegt der Vorteil der Touch Bar auf der Hand, bei zweiterem ist die Sache nicht ganz so einfach. Weiter ist die Bedienung der Touch Bar nicht immer ganz so intuitiv, wie man es sich von Apple gewohnt ist.

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Es zeigt sich eine Situation, wie damals, als das iPhone neu auf den Markt kam und die Entwickler zuerst herausfinden mussten, was man damit nun genau alles machen kann. Da, wenn man ihn braucht — kaum sichtbar, wenn man ihn nicht braucht. Dies geht wie beim iPhone oder iPad durch mehrmaliges Auflegen des Fingers auf den Sensor vonstatten. Klein und Gross: Allegra Leser! Jetzt kostenlos registrieren oder mit bestehendem Benutzerprofil anmelden. Reviews Magazin Hintergrund Kolumnen Reviews.

USB-C und Thunderbolt 3? The manual recommends this only for devices without a hardware mixer, but it also works for other hadware mixer enabled devices, even with the ALSA system. On an X21 using acpi the volume buttons would work occasionally, and the OSD for tpb functions would rarely work. If a volume buttons was pressed too often, sometimes the computer would enter a low power unplugged state and would require a reboot.

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Note that you can use appropriate commands to inject fake keystrokes. Well, basically it allows you to give the X server a dictionary for the translation of keycodes like "97" into more human readable synonyms like "Home". This way xmodmap allows you to make the special keys of your keyboard known to X applications.

This file is usually read by the X session startup scripts of your system, so that the mappings automatically get included everytime you run the X server.

Xmodmap lines for our purpose are in the form of. The following table shows the keycodes generated by the ThinkPad special keys and sensible keysyms to assign them to. You can also use xkeycaps an X tool to display and edit the X keyboard mapping to generate proper.

See [ [5] ] for more detailed instruction on how to use tpb and xmodmap. You may want to map them to F19 and F20 instead if you use Firefox. The "XF86AudioPlay" etc. To make it work with more multimedia programs you have map the key to use something like ReMoot. ReMoot is a command line wrapper that control 18 of the most common multimedia applications.

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On some systems the Windows and Menu keys may not be recognized. You can enable then by making the following changes:. F13 and F35 are used for the Windows and and Menu keys respectively. Labelling keycpode as "Menu" may conflict with the right-mouse-click event.

Starting this accessibility feature and subsequently running xmodmap, as described above, results in the accessibility feature and the numeric lock LED functioning simultaneously. As such, the above configuration should be completed before the accessibility feature is started in order to produce numbers. Fn-ScrLk labelled as NmLk does indeed toggle the Numlock, but only seems to register as an X event the first time it is engaged.

The above solution does not appear to work. This is perhaps because the Numlock toggle is built into the firmware rather than controlled by the kernel. Some people including me are missing on recent Thinkpads the option to have Fn as a modifier key to access the NumPad instead, i. There is currently no way to make this work in a simple way pleeeease correct me if I am wrong!

So on my R60 running fvwm Slackware Xmodmap would look like this:. You can use the setkeycodes command to remap certain keys.

Mac-Notebooks: Anordnung und Funktionen der Tasten

The following table shows the scancodes generated by the ThinkPad keys. They vary with model - see Tablet Hardware Buttons.

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There are several layers involved in using acpi keys in this way, so I'll go through the example of using the ThinkVantage button to open xmms. I get something popping up in the terminal where I ran xev that looks like this:. Thus, I am free to assign the keycode to any keysym I want. Again try and pick one that is not likely to have already been taken by something, such as XF86LaunchA.

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Xmodmap file if your window manager does not do it for you. You should now find that hitting the ThinkVantage button creates the following output from xev:. You're now ready to map XF86LaunchA to executing xmms. This is highly dependent on what keygrabber you decide to use. After, right clicking on the desktop and selecting the "Reconfigure" menu option, you should then have xmms pop up when you hit the ThinkVantage key. There are various ways to assign actions to the browser keys.

The easiest way is to install keyconfig. Xmodmap as explained above.

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The remaining discussion gives you various more complicated ways to achieve the same thing. To have firefox make use of the browser keys you need to modify one of its files 4. To do this you will first need to extract it from the browser. Use your version so, if you have 3. Now save the file and repackage the browser. For Hardy Heron, the xmodmap command is all lowercase. Es lohnt sich also die Kommentare zu lesen! Seit im Netz unterwegs und seit eingefleischter Mac-Nutzer.

November Juni Dezember Hat mich echt schon genervt, dass ich die DEL Taste scheinbar nicht mehr hatte. Bei mir ist es bei Word o. Hat jemand damit Erfahrungen? Hat jemand dazu eine Idee??? Ich habe z. Tut mir echt super leid, dass ich Deine Frage auch nicht beantworten kann. Und nun? Ich meine, bisher bin ich immer noch ganz gut irgendwie ohne klar gekommen. Und nun habe ich echt ein Problem. Ich hab in Mac Book Pro Retina 13 von , kann mir da jemand helfen?

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    Ich verstehe die Welt nicht mehr. Es ist hilfreich, sich den Keyboardviewer anzeigen zu lassen.